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Tip - Fold "flat" cloth diaper inserts

This simply means folding of the flat diapers into inserts in a particular way. There are many ways and variations of this. However, we would like to show you the most popular ones. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. One will be more suitable for a newborn and the other for a slightly older child.

Airplane : this style is good for newborns. Rolling the flat diaper at the baby's thighs prevents leakage of liquid poo outside the wool cover. Thanks to high absorbency in strategic places this fold is recommended for longer outings or for babies who like to sleep on their stomachs. Please watch the  video below:

Modified Airplane : this fold is also recommended for newborns. Its big advantage is that there is very little fabric under the back, which is recommended for the smallest babies. Just like a normal airplane, it absorbs most in the places that need it most. Please watch the  video below:

Rectangle : this fold is best for older babies or children whose poops are not liquid and there is no concern about it leaking on the wool cover. Please watch the  video below:

Kite : this fold is perfect for babies who pee a lot. More layers on the front will catch large amounts of urine and not allow the nappy to soak through too quickly. A smaller number of layers on the back will also serve children who are still lying down and not very active. Please watch the video below: