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About us

I started Baby Kanga in April 2020 - the online store opened its doors. But the dream of starting an online store with baby carriers and baby wraps started already in 2016 when I had my first child.
When I were standing there with the most fragile thing I had in my arms, it was so important to find a carrier that was both comfortable for me, but of course the most important thing was that my daughter sat completely ergonomically in the carrier. I didn't want her to have any hip problems because she had been sitting wrong. So there and then the dream of owning my own online store (and maybe in the future a physical store) with baby carriers and baby wraps began, to help mothers and fathers carry their child safely.

I got in touch with Lenny Lamb in March 2020, who wanted to start a collaboration right away. Which made me extremely happy. So there was nothing more to think about. So it was just a matter of pressing the button!

In autumn/winter 2021 I expanded the range with two suppliers Little Frog and Wear a Baby (which has Vanamo and Wompat). And course I hope that there will be more collaborations here in the future. I have a few more on my wish list. But I have to grow a little more before I can bring in more suppliers.

It is with joy that I write these lines down, my dream has come true. You should never stop dreaming and hoping. Sometimes the dream can actually come true.

I hope you will love your carrier/wrap from LennyLamb, Little Frog and Wear a Baby as much as I do. But should it happen that something appears, which you are not satisfied with or wonder about. So don't hesitate to contact me at Then I will help you until you feel satisfied! Because it is, as I said, the finest and most fragile thing you have that you should carry in your arms. I want you to feel 100% safe with my products that I selling.

//Charlotte - Owner