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Video clips - How to tied baby wrap!

Here you will find video clips on how you can tied with baby wrap. If it's your first time tying the tied with wrap, you can always start with a doll or a teddy bear. Test yourself and feel free to get help from another adult if you feel you need help. Especially when it's the first time you're going to try tying a baby on your back.
When you are going to test with baby - make sure baby is full, not too tired and has a new nappy.

FWCC - Front Wrap Cross Carry (This is a good first tie)

FWCC - step by step, with a newborn (slightly longer video)

FCC - Fron Cross Carry

FWCC TAS - Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied at Shoulder

Kangaroo Carry

Rucksack Carry

Double Hammock

Kangaroo Hip Carry

Robin's Hip Carry

Poppin's Hip Carry

RingSling - Hip Carry

RingSling - Back Carry

Stretchy Wrap