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Safe babywearing!

A woven baby wrap, ring sling or baby carrier is an excellent help with everyday child care and carrying the baby or babywearing has proven to have many positive influences on baby’s development and wellbeing. You can start babywearing with a newborn and continue using the wrap up to the toddler age and even longer. A lot of various wrapping methods are available for the front, hip and back carries. A good carry to start from is the Front wrap cross carry.

Practice with a doll or teddy and use a mirror as help. Ask another adult to help you, if you feel unsure – specially with the back carries. When you first start wearing the baby, make sure that baby is well fed and calm. It is also good practise to start moving when the baby is in the wrap for example take a walk. The movement will calm the baby.

We strongly recommend that you will always carry the baby in an upright position and facing towards you. Carry a small baby high against your chest and her head close enough to kiss. Carry the baby in the ergonomic frog leg position: baby’s legs wide open and her knees at the same level or higher than her bottom. Baby’s face should always be visible – do not cover baby’s face. Baby’s nose should not be pressed against your body. The wrap should be tight enough so that baby’s chin will not curl against her chest.

Always monitor the baby in the sling or wrap and make sure that baby can breath easily. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use common sense while carrying the baby. Baby’s safety is always your responsibility. Do not perform any activities that might put your baby in danger for example bike or horse riding, running, jogging, jumping, cooking, handling sharp or hot objects etc. Do not lay down or sleep while baby is in the sling or wrap.