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Wompat LITE: preparation & adjustments

Adjusting the width and height of the panel

Adjust the panel narrower with the adjusting belt that comes with the carrier. The panel should go from baby's knee-pit to knee-pit but not further as baby should be able to bend her knees.

1. Place the adjusting belt around the bottom part of the panel and tighten the straps so that the belt will stay in it's place while you put the carrier on. The wide fabric part of the belt should be inside the carrier and the buckle on the outside.

2. For a newborn baby tighten the adjusting belt as tight as possible and place the belt a little higher - approximately in the middle section of the panel or over the white warning label. This way you can adjust the height of the panel more suitable for a newborn baby.

Preparation of shoulder straps
Fix the buckles of shoulder straps to their counterparts at the sides of the panel. Make sure the black webbings are not twisted.

The buckles can be adjusted in two directions. Below we will show how you should adjust the straps before putting the carrier on. This way it will be easier to make the final tightening later when the baby is in the carrier. You don't need to try to tighten any straps at your back which could be difficult. Wompat carriers can always be adjusted by pulling the straps forward.

3. When carrying baby at the front, tighten the black webbing that runs from the buckle towards the shoulderstraps - the buckle can be located for example 10 - 15 cm from the end of the shoulder strap. Try different settings in order to find a suitable adjustment for you. Adjust both shoulder straps the same way. Loosen the black webbing that runs towards the side of the panel.

4. When carrying baby on the back tighten the black webbing that runs from the buckle towards the side of the carrier. You can even fully tighten this webbing so that the buckle will be located right next to the side of panel. Loosen the webbing that runs from the buckle towards the shoulder strap. Adjust both shoulder straps the same way.

Adjusting the shoulder straps for a small parent
A petite parent may need to adjust the shoulder straps shorter in order to get the carrier tight enough. Tighten the PFA buckles located on top of the shoulder strap and fold the extra fabric under the panel.

Tips on how to use the chest strap/neck strap
Wompat LITE baby carrier comes with a detachable small chest strap or neck strap which helps to keep the shoulder straps on their place. When carrying the baby at the front the strap will be located on your upper back. And when baby is carried at the back the straps will be across the chest. Sometimes the strap can slip from it's place and end up in a wrong position. You can easily lock the strap around the shoulder straps by adjusting the small sliding buckles on each side of the neck strap. Pull the sliding buckle towards the shoulder strap so that the link around the shoulder strap will become tighter. You can change the place of the strap freely and try what works best for you. Usually at the front carry the most optimal location for the neck strap is between the shoulder plates at the upper back.