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Wompat Wrap Tai Kuoho - 70% organic cotton, 30% hemp
Wompat Wrap Tai Kuoho - 70% organic cotton, 30% hemp
Wompat Wrap Tai Kuoho - 70% organic cotton, 30% hemp
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Wompat Wrap Tai Kuoho - 70% organic cotton, 30% hemp
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Wompat Wrap Tai Kuoho - 70% organic cotton, 30% hemp
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Wompat Wrap Tai Kuoho - 70% organic cotton, 30% hemp

Wompat Wrap Tai Kuoho - 70% organic cotton, 30% hemp

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  • Product group: Baby carrier
  • Manufacturer: Wearababy
  • Size: Baby, medium, toddler and preschool
  • Product type: Wompat Wrap Tai
  • Quality: Highest quality
  • Material: Panel + hood, 70% organic cotton (GOTS), 30% hemp
  • Fabric type: Woven (Woven and sewn in Finland)

The ergonomic Wompat Wrap Tai baby carrier is made from Vanamo woven wrap fabric. Hemp & organic cotton blend makes the carrier more supportive and breathable. Perfect for bigger babies, toddlers and preschoolers. The Wrap Tai is a meh dai type carrier with long & wide shoulder straps and a soft waist strap that you can tie. The Wompat Wrap Tai combines all the good qualities of a woven baby wrap and a soft baby carrier. Choose the perfect size for your baby, toddler or preschooler from the four sizes. An illustrated user manual is included (English).

The Wompat Wrap Tai is a soft and comfortable carrier. The Wrap Tai is a full wrap conversion baby carrier and it is made entirely from beautifully woven Vanamo wrap fabric, 70% organic cotton and 30% hemp. The panel is made of double layer wrap fabric. S creates a nice pocket for the baby and baby easily takes an ergonomic M position. Has a soft padding under the child's legs for more comfort. The shoulder straps are "simple wrap straps": one layer of woven wrap, half the width of the wrap (approx. 30 cm), no padding. Beautiful symmetrical pleats ensure that the straps spread comfortably over your shoulders and back. You can also spread the straps over the child's back and bottom for extra support. The straps have a little extra length and after the first wash they will be approx. 200 cm long.

The baby size Wompat Wrap Tai is suitable for children aged approx. 0 - 18 months. The age and size recommendations are average estimates. For some babies, this size may be suitable even longer. Each carrier comes with an illustrated user manual. Read the instructions carefully before you start using the carrier!

Select the appropriate size according to the table below. Every child is unique and has different measurements. Some children may use a specific size at a younger age and others may use a carrier longer than the age recommendation. You can continue to use the carrier as long as it feels comfortable for both baby and parent. If the carrier seems a little too wide, you can use the panel adjustment belt and make the holder smaller (sold separately). Read the user manual and our safety tips before you start using Wompat.

Size recommendations for Wompat, measurements may vary +/- 1 cm :

The Wompat Wrap Tai is suitable for parents of different sizes. On the front, you can have the baby very close to the body. The panel optimally supports the child's back and sides. When carrying on your back, you can get the baby high up on your back. The child sees better around him and carrying feels light as a feather! Each Wrap Tai comes with a cute sleeping hood. The hood supports your baby's head while sleeping and it also provides some privacy for the little one if the baby feels overwhelmed in a tight space.

The measurements :

  • Shoulder strap length after first wash 200 cm
  • Width of shoulder strap: 30-35 cm
  • Length of the waistband 200 cm

    Material :
    - Woven wrap : 55% organic cotton (GOTS), 30% linen, 15% bourette silk.
    Specific features:

    • Ergonomic carrier for the child as well as for the parent
    • Designed and made in Finland, handmade
    • Recommended weight range: 3.5-20 kg (7-45 lbs)
    • Suitable for front and back wear
    • High-quality and durable fabrics
    • Made of soft and comfortable woven baby wrap
    • Simple design - easy to use!
    • Four sizes ensure the best fit for children of different ages
    • Baby size Wompat Wrap Tai comes with an easy to use adjustment band - panel width can be adjusted for babies under 6 months
    • Baby size Wompat Wrap Tai: the panel can be adjusted behind the child's neck - better fit even on the upper back
    • Suitable for parents with different body shapes and sizes
    • You can also cross the shoulder straps on the back!
    • Softly padded waist strap
    • Soft Legs out padding feels comfortable in the baby's knee folds
    • Shaped panel guides the child in the ergonomic M position
    • Cute sleep hood provides extra support for a sleeping baby - or protection for a shy baby
    • Sleeping hood can be fixed with laces


    Washing instructions :

    Spot clean all small spots. Wash the entire carrier only when necessary. The Wompat Wrap Tai is machine washable. Wash with a delicate wash or wool program in cold water (30 Celsius). Use only a small amount of liquid detergent. No fabric softeners. Hang to dry. Shape the baby carrier while it is still damp. The panel and hood can be ironed: cotton/linen at medium heat and wool/silk at low heat. DO NOT iron any of the padded parts! The panel may shrink 1-2 cm during the first wash.

    PLEASE NOTE: Actual colors and pattern placement may vary from images. The difference in color display may be due to different monitor settings.